Hôtel Les Loges d’Etretat

Activities around

Built in the most traditional Cauchois style (also called « brick & flint »), the house was erected in the 18th century. Former postal relay, it was meant to welcome travelers and wanderers of the region. It later found a new life as the town parish’s presbytery.

2 hours away from Paris using the A13 highway or 3 hours away from the Belgium border using the A29. The hotel provides a unique way of accessing Etretat without your car : the Vélorail. 200 meters away from the hotel, this unusual and very practical transportation system will enable you to go to Etretat and back without your vehicle. This is your best call to avoid the week end traffic jams.


- The vélo-rail: 
In a green valleuse in the center of the Caux region, you can discover these activities in Les Loges’s train station. Booking in advance is mandatory (5 people maximum with a minimum of 1 adult). The trail is 6kms long to the end. You com back aboard the touristic train. Departures of the Vélorail from Les Loges only.

- The touristic train: 
Discover the valleuse aboard the trains from your childhood through a 12 km trail back and forth departing from Les Loges or Etretat.  

The train tracks exist since 1894. Abandoned, they were put back into service thanks to the Vélorail and the touristic train in the mid 90’s.

Parc Acro branches

In the middle of Normandy, a few kilometers away from Etretat, Etretat Aventure offers 5 tree climbing trails ! Their different trails are built for you to spend a wonderful afternoon with friends or family. Starting at 3 years old, all the family can enjoy the 6 hectares of trail that range from WHITE to RED. Etretat Aventures ’s benefits ? A big parking lot, zip lines on every trail, some very long trails (between 45 min and an hour long), accessible freely from the ground for beginners.